Policeman Dies in Karbabad Incident; Circumstances Unclear

Bahrain’s Ministry of the Interior reported today that one policeman was killed and two others injured in a Molotov Cocktail attack on a police keep in the village of Karbabad. International media such as Associated Press have already reported the MOI’s version of events.

screenshot-twitter com 2016-04-16 19-16-04

However, there are  other reports stating that the police keep crashed into a skip lorry, and that the incident is being used to blame residents. At least three videos (see below) show a police jeep appearing to have collided with a lorry carrying a skip, although the circumstances leading up to the crash remain unclear.

Another video (see below) shows a slightly better quality close up, and it appears that the windshield of the skip lorry was smashed, as if it had suffered an impact. The jeep, however, appears to have impacted the truck off the main course of the road, implying that it had gone off track. This could have been the result of, as the MOI say, a Molotov attack, or (avoiding one) – or other reasons, such as loss of control. The fact the jeep was in flames also adds weight to the argument that it was hit by a fire bomb.


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