Updated 18th February 2012 (scroll to bottom for list)

Tear gas has reportedly been a contributing factor in the deaths of 24 people in Bahrain since February 14th 2011. 

On Al Jazeera’s the Stream last week, media attache for the Information Affairs Authority Fahad AlBinali said that ‘tear gassing is out of care and respect for freedom of expression’. He also added that these deaths were claims ‘exaggerated on social media’. 

I don’t know if he’s seen these two recent videos that show indiscriminate and excessive firing of tear gas, something that is tantamount to collective punishment. 

Original Post – Jan 27th 2012

Amnesty International have finally called for an investigation into the misuse of tear gas in Bahrain. Although it reports the figure of those who have died as a result of tear gas as ‘more than a dozen‘, the figure could actually be about 20. That means out of the 59 extra judicial civilian deaths that have occurred since February 14th 2011 about 1 in 3 have been reportedly been because of tear gas. While there are many who people who doubt the validity of these claims, there is certainly enough evidence to warrant a proper investigation. Indeed, an independent investigation would not only provide a clearer answer as to the circumstances surrounding these deaths, but also give ammunition to those arguing for better regulation of the under-regulated crowd control weapons industry. On a local level, it would provide a definite figure that would prevent the proliferation of accusations and rumours relating to the integrity of such claims. The purpose of this blog is to just provide an updated list of those reported to have died from tear gas in some form or other. Again, bear in mind that not all of these cases are clear cut, and I suggest you  look at this excellent wikipedia entry. It documents in detail all the extra judicial deaths that have occurred since February 14th 2011. Most of it has been compiled by  @billmarczak ‘s and is extremely thorough.      

I have documented extensively the dangers of tear gas in several blogs. I  recommend you read this one to get a good insight into how the non-lethal/less lethal aspect of tear gas is a misnomer. For others posts on tear gas in Bahrain go here and here.

List of deaths in which tear gas is reported to have been a contributing factor

Name From Date of Death Age
1 Isa Mohammed Ali Abdulla Ma’ameer 25 Mar 2011 71
2 Sayed Ahmed Saeed Shams Saar 30 Mar 2011 14
3 Khadija Merza Abbas Yusuf Abdulhai Sanabis 5 Apr 2011 n/a
4 Mohamed Abdulhusain Farhan Sitra 30 Apr 2011 6
5 Zainab Ali Ahmed Sanabis 2 Jun 2011 69
6 Alsayed Adnan Alsayed Hasan Almusawi al-Markh 23 Jun 2011 44
7 Zainab Hasan Ahmed Jumaa Sitra 15 Jul 2011 38
8 Isa Ahmed Altaweel Sitra 31 July 2011 50
9 Ali Jawad Alsheikh Sitra 31 Aug 2011 14
10 Sayed Jawad Ahmed Hashim Marhoon Sitra 14 Sep 2011 40
11 Jaafar Lutf Allah Abu Saiba 30 Sep 2011 74
12 Sajida Faisal Jawad Bilad al Qadeem 11 Dec 2011 5 days
13 Abdali Ali Ahmed Muqsha 17 Dec 2011 73
14 Sayed Hashim Sayed Saeed[ Hamad Town 31 Dec 2011 15
15 Fakhriyya Jassim Mohamed Al-Sakran Jid Ali 3 Jan 2012 55
16 Salma Mohsin Barbar 15 Jan 2012 21
17 Yaseen Jassim Al-Asfoor Ma’ameer 20 Jan 2012 11 or 14
18 Mohamed Khamis al-Khunaizi Jidhafs 20 Jan 2012 24/25
19 Saeed Ali Hassan Al-Sikry Noaim 25 Jan 2012 65
20 Abbas Jaffaar al-Sheikh Al Daih 25 Jan 2012 25
21 Saeed Ali Al-Sukari A’ali 25 Jan 2012 65
22 Zahra Ali Alhawaj Noaim 1 Feb 2012 69
23 Abdali Ali Mohamed, Ma’ameer 1 Feb 2012 58
24 Ali Issa Abdulla Alhayeki Samaheej 6 Feb 2012 48


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