On the afternoon of 19th September, in the #Bahrain village of Malkiya, a video emerged appearing to show security forces firing onto a football pitch full of children. These children were reportedly from the Malkiya Club. Details are scarce atm, but the video can be seen below.

Photos emerged too of the incident.

[The caption reads: No escape for the children playing football, who were gassed by the regime’s mercenaries]

For those unfamiliar with #Bahrain, this apparent unprovoked attack is nothing new, and the country’s security forces have often acted in a vindictive fashion to those communities (like Malkiya) with a perceived heavy opposition presence.

It is possible that the security forces were punishing those youth of the ‘Battalion’ of the Martyr Abdulredha Buhmaid, who marched yesterday through the village with a sign saying ‘We are with the resistance’. The Battalion is named after Abdulredha Bumhad, who was dead by regime security forces on February 18th 2011. Buhmaid was from Malkiya.


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