Once Again, King Hamad Meets with the Chairman of Strategic Advisory Firm G3

Yesterday King Hamad met with the Duke of Westminster, otherwise known as Gerald Cavendish Grosvenor.  The two discussed Bahrain and Britain’s historic bilateral relationship and the need to ‘enhance it’.  There was also talk of ‘bolstering cooperation’ in all fields – whatever that means.  Cryptic Bahrain News Agency jargon aside, it is interesting that the […]

A Right Royal Robbery: How the Al Khalifas Took a Quarter* of Bahrain’s Wealth

This post is about how much of Bahrain’s wealth has been taken by  the Ruler and the Al Khalifa family over the past 80 years. In particular, it focuses on the years between 1925-70.  It also addresses some other interesting questions, such as the mystery of Abu Safah, and why the revenue allocated to the Ruling […]