A triple execution in Bahrain has provoked national outrage – and international silence

Marc Jones, University of Exeter In the middle of the night, on January 15 2017, three citizens of Bahrain were executed by firing squad. Abbas al-Samea, 27, Ali al-Singace, 21, and Sami Mushaima 42, had all been found guilty of planting a bomb which killed three policemen – but their convictions were widely seen as […]

The Killing of Abdulla al-Madani, Muhammed Ghuloom Bucheeri & Saeed al-Owainati

On the evening of 18th November 1976,  Sheikh Abdulla al-Madani, a former politician and editor of the weekly newspaper ‘Al-Mawaqef”, was found dead in a patch of desolate land near the village of Jidhafs in the North of Bahrain. He had been stripped, beaten, and stabbed to death. The police arrested three Bahraini men for […]

Viral Justice: The MOI’s Continued Failure to Hold Police Accountable Despite Evidence

On 9th December, the Ministry of the Interior announced that they would be launching an investigation into the brutal arrest of a young man in the village of Diraz. This announcement came after a video of the incident was distributed on Twitter and Facebook the day before. The video in question shows police hitting and slapping […]

Bahrain Government Flaunt their Inadequacy in BICI Follow Up Report

So I have just finished reading the Bahrain government’s follow up report to the Bahrain Independent Commission of Inquiry Report. I was not expecting anything particular newsworthy today, but there I was, choking on my cereal and letting my tea go cold. What follows is a summary of some of the most salient aspects of […]