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A triple execution in Bahrain has provoked national outrage – and international silence

Marc Jones, University of Exeter In the middle of the night, on January 15 2017, three citizens of Bahrain were executed by firing squad. Abbas al-Samea, 27, Ali al-Singace, 21, and Sami Mushaima 42, had all been found guilty of planting a bomb which killed three policemen – but their

‘Oppression of Bahrain Subjects by the Ruling Family in Bahrain in the early 1900s: The Full List

Back in August I wrote a blog post about the abuses carried out by the Al Khalifa family and their fidawis against the Baharna in the early 1900s. I included a number of examples provided by the then Political Agent Major Daly. Below is the full list of abuses provided by

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