Month: January 2016

Muhammad bin Sulman’s Platform in the Economist Describes Alternative Reality

Today the Economist published an interview with Muhammad bin Sulman, Saudi’s deputy Crown Prince. Although a lot of the interview focused on the Saudi economy, or the future, there was some discussion on the recent escalations of regional tension. I just wish to provide a few notes of incredulity on

Bahrain’s discovery of a terrorist cell linked to Iranian Revolutionary Guard and Hezbollah is exceedingly punctual

As the British Ambassador to Bahrain, Harold Walker, stated in 1981; ‘Since the Iran/Iraq conflict began, there have, as you know, been virtually no visible signs of support among the Bahraini Shia for the Imam Khomeini’.1 However, since, that time, and since a coup attempt by a fringe radical Shia

UK Response to Execution of Shaykh Nimr Al-Nimr Woeful Indictment of British Foreign Policy

Both the British and American response to Saudi’s executions have been criticised for being somewhat muted. However, the US response has been comparitvely damning compared to the UK’s flaccid statement.Tobias Ellwood, Britain’s Minister for the Middle East said the following: I am deeply disturbed by the escalation in tensions in

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