A Right Royal Robbery: How the Al Khalifas Took a Quarter* of Bahrain’s Wealth

This post is about how much of Bahrain’s wealth has been taken by  the Ruler and the Al Khalifa family over the past 80 years. In particular, it focuses on the years between 1925-70.  It also addresses some other interesting questions, such as the mystery of Abu Safah, and why the revenue allocated to the Ruling […]

Scrutinizing the Civil List in Bahrain Between 1925 & 1937

As a staunch lefty, I take a keen interest in the finances of Bahrain. Although the chief cause of Bahrain’s unrest are not financial, they obviously play an important role. Afterall, finances have a significant impact on things like education and health. Access to wealth  allows one to improve their life chances and, in the […]

Rape, Booze and Torture: The Princes’ Diaries

Recently it was reported that British police threatened to taser a Bahraini prince for his drunken antics on a British Airways flight to Bahrain. Apparently the prince attempted to ‘storm the cockpit’ and complain to the captain about the poor service. Although the Daily Mail and the Sun are hardly the most credible news sources […]