Police Assist in Vandalising & Looting a Supermarket in Bahrain

Yesterday I wrote a post about how the Ministry of the Interior treat Bahrainis differently depending on whether they are pro-government or anti-government.   This was after their tame dispersal of a large group of regime supporters who, after gathering at the Alba roundabout, wrecked two cars and then vandalised a nearby Supermarket. The reason […]

Thugs or Groupies? Highlighting Issues of Police Discrimination in Bahrain

In what was apparently a display of solidarity with Bahrain’s security forces, hundreds of pro-regime Sunnis ended up at Alba roundabout to protest against what the Ministry of Interior described as a ‘terrorist blast’ in the village of Al-Eker. The explosion, which injured 7 policeman, has already resulted in the arrest of 4 people following a […]