Month: April 2012

Police Assist in Vandalising & Looting a Supermarket in Bahrain

Yesterday I wrote a post about how the Ministry of the Interior treat Bahrainis differently depending on whether they are pro-government or anti-government.   This was after their tame dispersal of a large group of regime supporters who, after gathering at the Alba roundabout, wrecked two cars and then vandalised

Thugs or Groupies? Highlighting Issues of Police Discrimination in Bahrain

In what was apparently a display of solidarity with Bahrain’s security forces, hundreds of pro-regime Sunnis ended up at Alba roundabout to protest against what the Ministry of Interior described as a ‘terrorist blast’ in the village of Al-Eker. The explosion, which injured 7 policeman, has already resulted in the arrest

The Kingdom of the Absurd

J.B. Priestly once said ‘Comedy, we may say, is society protecting itself – with a smile.’ Add to this the words of Yev Yilmaz, who stated ‘Comedy is truth, absurdity, and pain’. If we consider these statements, then we can certainly see how humour becomes more important during times of crisis,

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