Month: February 2012

The PR Octopus & Its Incredibly Long Tentacles

3 weeks ago, a British PR and Strategic Communication firm called Dragon Associates forced the Guardian to take down an article from their Comment is Free section. Today the Guardian have put it back up. The article in question stated that the head of security at the BIC (Bahrain International

Are Bahrain finally getting their money’s worth from a PR company?

Two weeks ago the Guardian  took down a Comment is Free piece entitled ‘Bahrain has failed to grasp reform, so why is the Grand Prix going ahead?  According to Matthew Cassel, it was taken down at the request of British PR Firm Dragon Associates, who claimed that it contained ‘considerable

Controlling the Message & the Masses: Surveillance & Strategic Communication

With the decision to hold the Grand Prix still pending, February 14th couldn’t really have come at a worse time for the Bahrain government. The conflicting need to prepare for a possible crackdown whilst also projecting a positive image is a challenge of epic proportions.  Negotiating this tightrope was never

Some of Bahrain’s Police Are Being Trained by the US Military – But How?

Anyone following the events in Bahrain will be aware of the sheer volume of photos and videos uploaded daily by activists. Most of these tend to portray encounters with the riot police or the subsequent aftermath. Given that most of this media is taken by protesters using their mobiles, it

1674 or 179? Bahrain’s Continuing Labour Disputes

In its bid to get the F1, Bahrain has been keen to project the image that it is implementing the recommendations set out in the Bahrain Independent Commission of Inquiry report. One such recommendation involves addressing the issue of employees (both public and private) who have been dismissed for exercising

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