Month: January 2012

Did We Say Police Reform? We Meant Crackdown

In what was ostensibly an attempt to dissuade attacks against policeman and curb the rising violence in Bahrain, the MOI announced the submitting of a draft law that would penalize attacks on policeman with up to a 15 year prison sentence. Such a law isn’t necessarily a bad thing, though

Hoax Journalist Liliane Khalil Returns, This Time as Habiba Dalal

Eminem once posed the question ‘Guess who’s back?’. The answer was of course, the Real Slim Shady. While it has so far been impossible to determine whether Liliane Khalil was slim or not, she was certainly shady. That’s assuming that she was actually a she. Anyway, it appears that Liliane

List of deaths in which tear gas is reported to have been a contributing factor | 24

Updated 18th February 2012 (scroll to bottom for list) Tear gas has reportedly been a contributing factor in the deaths of 24 people in Bahrain since February 14th 2011.  On Al Jazeera’s the Stream last week, media attache for the Information Affairs Authority Fahad AlBinali said that ‘tear gassing is

Police as Victims, Protesters as Criminals

Up to four civilians are reported to have been killed in Bahrain in the past two days, making January one of the most deadly months since March 2011.  In addition to this, 41 policemen were injured. This comes after a considerable yet not  unexpected escalation of violence, which mainly involved

The Rising Tide of Violence in Bahrain

In his Friday sermon three days ago, Bahrain’s most senior Shi’a cleric Isa Qassim sent a strong message out to the state security services, saying, “Whoever you see abusing women, you must crush them.” Unsurprisingly, such words caused considerable anxiety in Bahrain, where tensions and violence seem to have escalated sharply since

New Blog – Old Blog

Hello all. This is my new blog. I moved it after having some hosting issues. The old one is here if you want to access all my old articles! Marc

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